Sketch: $10 USD ( +$5 for each Additional character)

Line Art: $30 USD ( +$20 for each additional character)

Value Drawing: $50 USD (+$20 for each additional character)

Simple Color Digital Painting: $100 USD ( +$50 for each additional character)

Inquire within Chat and coordinate with the moderator to secure your slot.

All are works done digitally and completed during the stream session it was purchased within unless otherwise arranged. The piece will be deliverable as a High Resolution file to the commissioner.

*** Prices may Change at any time. ***

All Artwork ownership is retained by the artist (Taurin Fox) and Alphafox Illustration. All character ownership retained by the character Creators / Commissioners Commissioners are permitted to re-post and share freely for non-commercial purposes only. If commercial usage is desired, contact Kish or Taurin to arrange details.