This is the short animation I recently completed for Favnir =) He’s being humped by kishfox’s fennec character, in sort of a reverse-sizeplay scenario LOL

This was my first time animating either a scaled OR winged character, but I think he came out quite well ^.^ I used cloth simulation for the wing membranes, as well as for Kish’s hair this time around (some people pointed out that his hair didn’t move realistically in Dragon Rider, and I think the cloth simulation really brings it to life in this one!)

For those of you whose browsers don’t play nice with Flash, you can view the video at this link:…..0-8b7fcf7d846b To download it as an MP4, just click on the share icon once the video loads.

Enjoy! =D

PS Thanks to my Patrons, I just got up and running with a second RTX 2080 Ti card! So far, I’m seeing about a 90% increase in rendering speed, so hopefully I’ll be able to release Hit the Showers earlier than expected 😉