Hit the Showers is the latest animation by Taurin Fox.

Kish and Taurin enjoy a steamy encounter in the Alphafox Resorts changing room!

Even though it took a lot longer to finish than expected, I’m really happy with how this one turned out. Thanks to engagement and feedback from viewers, Hit the Showers makes heavy use of motion capture, dialogue, cloth and fluid simulations, as well as rendering improvements.

Special thanks to Kish and Asher for doing the audio engineering, and to Asher for providing the music track. All sound effects were recorded by them specifically for this animation. Meticulous editing and painstaking went into producing the soundscape. During the audio phase, Asher spent a lot of time producing the soundtrack Aquatic Endeavor to make it flow with the action on screen as well as the mood.

Many thanks to all of my supporters on Patreon, who really have made this and my other projects possible.


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