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Video Player Issues

Well, something always seems to break when I release a new video, and Dragon Rider appears to be no exception. We’re using a video streaming service to host our videos now, and managed to exceed the monthly bandwidth allocation for this month in just 17 hours! We’re on their highest tier plan, so that’s pretty […]

Website 2.0

Hello everyone! Kish Fox here. Taurin posted about this before, but here’s a little more about what we’ve changed. All of the animations are now available and viewable in the Animation section, and thanks to our off-site hosting solution, we can all enjoy Taurin’s works with as little lag as is humanly possible without causing […]

New Website!

Hi everyone, Now that I’m hitting my stride again with my art and animation work, we decided it was time to finally rework my website and keep it up to date with my newest work. Kish has been working hard on getting the new website up and running!  We still have some work to do […]